Hello there!  We join you in the blogosphere from Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc., a Los Angeles based PR firm.  At Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. we have a wide variety of clients from an anti-snoring device to Dr. 90210’s self-help fitness book and specialize in lifestyle and health products and services.

Our enthusiastic team is what brings everything here together and allows us to have a successful company with a positive working environment.  Our “Marketing Mavens are skilled in bringing a client’s message to the masses, but our passion and for the practice and our expertise is what makes us mavens.

Here at the Market Maven Public Relations, Inc. blog, we are going to discuss the good, the bad, the interesting, and the down-right silly aspects of Public Relations and everything in between.  The world of PR is more dynamic and ever-changing than ever before and keeping up with it can be like trying to keep up with those Kardashians.  Chaos aside however, PR is something we love and we will blog about it to our heart’s content : )