PetPaint Wins Best New Product from BlogPaws’ 2012 Global Pet Expo “Best Of Awards” and Is Recognized by Today Show as Best, Wackiest New Product


PetPaint brought home the Best New Product award from BlogPaws’ 2012 Global Pet Expo “Best of Awards”.  Their dog-safe furspray was also featured on the front page of the Today Show website as one of the best and wackiest new products of the year.


Abraham Geary, President and Founder of PetPaint, and terrier-mix, Monkey, attracted interest from top pet media. Their innovative dog-safe product and creative designs showed trade and consumer press alike how PetPaint can be used to turn your best furry friend into a superstar football player, a wild Zebra and more. This attention that PetPaint received at the Expo led to videos and photos of Geary and Monkey being posted on top social media sites such as Pinterest and Tout.


At their booth, Geary and Monkey demonstrated how owners can use PetPaint, their safe and rigorously clinically tested colored furspray. Available in a wide range of colors, PetPaint is made with the highest quality color pigment, so that it can even show up on dogs with dark coats.


Geary was honored to see PetPaint recognized as the Best New Product by BlogPaws, which is an online community site for pet bloggers, pet enthusiasts, and pet people and the go-to resource for pet people and brands.    


“It’s great to see people who make their living in the pet industry get so excited about our product,” said Geary. “Our main goals are safety, quality, and fun. We were so happy to see people react positively to PetPaint at the Global Pet Expo and look forward to seeing others catch on to this colorful new way that owners can have fun with their dogs.”  

PetPaint is a high quality color furspray that is specially formulated, dog-safe, and veterinarian approved.  It can be used year-round to bring a different sense of style to your dog’s everyday routine and add a pop of color to their daily walks. Halloween costumes, mascot decoration or marriage proposals are just a couple of ways that customers have used PetPaint to add some swagger to their wagger.

With all the positive attention surrounding PetPaint, Geary is excited for the summer launch of PetPaint online and in pet and Halloween retail stores.  He is already accepting pre-orders both from consumers and retailers online, at