Medicare Makes Back Pain Relief More Accessible by Approving Dr. Ho’s ( Decompression Back Belt as an Effective Clinical Product for Home Therapy


Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt is now approved by Medicare, and will be launching in the United States in April 2012. This means that back pain sufferers with Medicare plans can now use their plans to receive their own Dr. Ho’s belt. As a doctor recommended clinical product meant to mimic orthopedic treatments, Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt is the first and only belt designed by a doctor to provide non-surgical traction and decompression therapy.


Decompression is a proven technique endorsed by medical professionals used in both upper and lower back pain treatment. Dr. Ho’s Decompression Back Belt provides the decompression therapy which has been used by doctors for over a century, but would typically be expensive, time consuming, and restricting. The Decompression Back Belt works by expanding and decompressing to stretch the lower back muscles, relieving pressure off the back and providing pain relief.  It mimics the treatment a patient would receive at a chiropractor’s office by inflating to provide core strength and support in the spine, along with clinical grade traction, to help back pain sufferers relieve and manage their lower back pain. The belt is designed to be lightweight and discreet enough to be used throughout daily activities.    


“With my back belt, patients can be proactive in getting the treatment they need at home, rather than regressing between each visit to their health practitioner,” said Dr. Michael Ho, President and Founder of Dr. Ho’s. “Now that the belt is available through Medicare, patients with chronic back pain can wear this belt and get back to their normal lifestyle. They can be more active, and do more things they love doing, without suffering from the pressure, stress, and discomfort associated with back pain.” 


To find out more information about where you can order your own DR-HO’S Belt through your Medicare plan please call 1-877-374-6669 Mon- Fri 9am – 5pm EST. For more information about Dr. Ho’s and the rest of the product line, please visit The belt can also be purchased on the website for $159.96.