SmartMune, a Dietary Supplement to Enhance Immune Function, Is Now Launching a National TV Campaign to Consumers in the United States


SmartMune, a unique new product that is clinically proven to safely prime immune cells that keep the body healthy year round, is launching a national TV campaign to unveil the new brand on March 31, 2012 to consumers across the United States.


“We are pleased that SmartMune has chosen Wellmune WGP® as the immune health ingredient in its new line of dietary supplements,” said Rich Mueller, president and chief executive officer for Biothera, the manufacturer of SmartMune’s active ingredient, Wellmune WGP®. “This ingredient in SmartMune is natural and backed by strong science, which helps make SmartMune the smart choice for consumers seeking year-round immune support and protection.”


Unlike any other wellness product on the market, SmartMune primes and enhances the body’s immune system to fight harmful effects instead of boosting or over stimulating the immune system. As a natural ingredient derived from the cell walls of a highly purified, proprietary strain of yeast, SmartMune activates billions of innate immune cells, which are part of the body’s natural defenses. This in turn helps to protect against the effects of stress and oncoming health challenges. By strengthening the function of key immune cells, SmartMune helps maintain energy, vitality, and mental clarity, as well as supporting general health and wellbeing.


SmartMune is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) under U.S. Food and Drug Regulations, is free of any genetically modified organisms, and is non-allergenic. Credible research published in peer-reviewed science and medical journals demonstrates the safety and efficacy of SmartMune.


“SmartMune is clinically proven to activate immune cells that help keep the body healthy, particularly during periods of stress,” said Don Cox, Ph.D., senior vice president of research and development for Biothera. “In numerous clinical trials involving marathon runners, fire fighters, medical students and individuals with high-stress lifestyles, the active ingredient in SmartMune consistently improved overall physical health and reduced upper respiratory tract infection symptoms.”


An independent university study recently demonstrated that Wellmune WGP®; SmartMune’s active ingredient, is significantly more effective than other leading nutritional supplements in activating the immune systems to maintain health and wellness.