Kids Dance and Sing to Anand Bhatt’s( New CD Promoting Healthy Activity with Fun Music


Rockstar Anand Bhatt switches tunes with a new cd. The album Fit Kids, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids! isfull of engaging rhymes and easy to follow rhythms to get kids up and moving.    


Bhatt, an international rockstar and the first Indian American to be inducted into the Latin Grammy’s, is a proud advocate for health and fitness and wants to share his passion for good health and daily activity to help kids make healthier choices.


“What better way to get children moving than with music?” said Bhatt. “It was fun creating an album aimed at getting children to move and have fun. With this CD, I hope to help kids do exactly what the title states, be fit, healthy and happy.”   


Songs such as Get Some Fruit, Monkey Jumps, and Lean Protein included in this free album of brand new music willhelp motivate children lead healthy lives in a fun and exciting way. Lyrics include dancing instructions to better engage children and easy to follow rhymes that encourage kids to sing along and actively participate.


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About Anand Bhatt:


Celebrity rock star Anand Bhatt is famous for both his music and his acting. He is recognized worldwide as a solo artist, front man of hardcore band Anand Clique, and a major TV and movie personality. He was the first Indian-American to be inducted into the Latin Grammys as a voting member and to be nominated for a Latin Grammy award. He has recently been busy with the opportunities from a successful year which include endorsements, an animated music video premiere, hitting international radio charts, around the globe travel, supporting the Simply Smiles Charity, and doing song collaborations with stars worldwide including Spanish pop idol Veronica Romeo and Vietnamese rap star Ha Okio. For more information, go to his official website ( or visit his Facebook at