Banks house a lot of money but how do they bank on spreading the word about their services? Trust is a necessary foundation for someone to hand over their money to corporate giants like banks and these finance management companies build trust by being credible.

Bank on Public Relations Tactics

Credibility is key for success in the financial world. Think of how you put your company on the radar: how did you attract your first client? Where did your client base come from? What did your initial clients know about your company? To get started and grow successfully, companies utilize publicity to earn trust from consumers. The big question is what constitutes trust?

From a marketing point of view, trust is the idea of validation. Can a previous client or customer vouch for your services? Where can they find the information which validates your services and above all, your company? Using a third-party, unbiased endorsement is a credible and direct form of validation. Another way to attract positive attention to your name is by properly distributing news about your company. Whether you are distributing company news via press releases or sharing media placements through social media, be sure to share and share often! Trump your competitors by becoming an expert in what you do, do it well, and tell the world.

Cash In With Third-Parties

Although retaining customers is important, acquiring new customers is vital to perpetuating growth. In an unstable market, the number of clients willing to risk their income on investments to grow their portfolio might be few and far between. To help increase sales, build on your foundation of consumer trust to retain and grow your client base.

For example, your organization should highlight third-party testimonials rather than being self-promotional. Evolve from one-sided information and validate your position and sales messages in the industry with third-party statements from local and national media outlets. Support your company and its services by sharing feature articles that present your company in a positive light. Articles provide an outsider view and when read in a respected publication by a prospective client base, your credibility gets an immediate boost.

Don’t be afraid to position yourself as an expert. How do you do that? Writing or by-lining articles about financial trends will not only open your client base but will position you as an industry expert, all while increasing your credibility.

Direct Deposit on Your News

Another way to generate visibility is by disseminating Search Engine Optimized (SEO) press releases. When press releases go live, the media picks them up and immediately builds a positive image of you that would typically be unattainable through traditional advertising or promotion. Whereas self-promotional messages in advertisements tell people what to believe, press releases are picked up by media who find your information newsworthy enough to tout it themselves! Now that’s credibility consumers can trust.

When your news does get picked up, why leave it online for people to find? Improve its placement on a Google results page and your news and your company have been crowned experts in the field. Placing on page one of Google is merely proper optimization.

For example, if you put out a press release about your charitable endeavors and the media picked it up, did a news segment, and composed an article on corporate charitable efforts, how would you best share it? To rise in the ranks of Google results and place your company name on page one of a keywords search, putting out press releases is a great start but be sure to share your news!

Share it on all your social media outlets, both personal and professional and focus as much attention on this exciting news as possible. Repurposing finished products is a great way to add to your inventory of credible material. Take the newspaper article and share it via company newsletters and don’t be ashamed to publically display them throughout your offices or physically hand to a new customer in your lobby as they’re doing their background research on you and your company.

Both online and offline, you are proactively and organically managing your search results and placing yourself as an industry expert while building trust. Take charge of your reputation and be found!

Lindsey Carnett is CEO and President of Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc., a bicoastal PR and marketing firm with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Specialties include financial, lifestyle, health, Hispanic marketing and social media campaigns. Carnett can be reached via email at or via phone at (310) 994-7380. For more information, visit