Earning–and Tracking–Positive PR Results

Marketing Maven Public Relations Does Things a Little Differently


Many people can relate to the marketing executive who once said, “Half of my public relations efforts work. I just don’t know which half.” It’s an all-too-common scenario: Constant expenditures of time and money without accountability can leave
marketers stumbling in the dark.


      Fortunately, one PR ­ firm has seen the light.Marketing Maven Public Relations offers a proven record of not only achieving, but tracking, results. “We give our clients accountability and transparency,” says Lindsey Carnett, CEO and President. “We set measurable goals and targets for our campaigns, so clients know what to expect. That sets us apart, along with our tendency to under promise and over deliver.”


      The agency specializes in consumer and lifestyle accounts. Functioning as an extension of its clients’ marketing departments, it stays focused on the team’s stated objectives. And, like a dedicated teammate, Marketing Maven is available whenever its clients need it. Offering 24/7 accessibility, its PR professionals are always just a phone call away.


      But it’s not just what this agency does that sets it apart. It’s how it does it – with the kind of insight and panache that earns notice – and results – for its clients. “The media is really in tune with our outside-the-box thinking,” says Carnett. “We’re able
to give them impactful stories they can sink their teeth into.” That translates into exposure that’s nearly priceless, including coverage on national TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, and online. The agency is also well versed in Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets that help clients gain followers.‑


      In addition to being all over the media, Marketing Maven is all over the world. The agency has clients on every continent except Antarctica, and brings a sophisticated global outlook to every project it works on. Besides speaking Spanish herself, Carnett has native Spanish speakers on staff. “There’s nothing like the feeling we get when we help produce great numbers or get a client on
national TV,” says Carnett, a former intercollegiate soccer captain. “It’s an adrenaline rush, like scoring a goal – because for us, it is a goal. We never get tired of winning, and neither do our clients.”


Recent Recognition for Lindsey Carnett and Marketing Maven Public Relations:

#9 Largest PR and Marketing Firm

     Pacific Coast Business Times

     March 2012



Top Women in Business Nominee

     San Fernando Valley Business Journal

     March 2012



Rising Star Award

     Partnership Activation

     March 2012



Women in Business Honoree

     Pacific Coast Business Times

     April 2012 



Top 20 Largest Women-Owned Businesses

     San Fernando Valley Business Journal

     May 2012



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