In the past decade we’ve witnessed Janet Jackson show us more than her talent during half-time at a Super Bowl, we’ve watched stars spiral into drunken disasters and we’ve seen companies beg for money. The common denominator for all of these events? A PR company working frantically during level 5 damage control.

Now that you have an idea of what public relations and marketing consists of and the common myths behind the secret lives of a public relations company, it’s time we delve into some of our resume builders.

Damage Control at All Levels

We’ve addressed that PR companies serve more than just celebrities and we often wouldn’t think that big companies have their PR troubles, but boy do they!

Here are some helpful tips to help your company or your client’s company get their PR goals into gear and back on track:

1. Utilize SEO and Press Releases

Right now, anything a consumer searches that is remotely related to your company might put you in an unfavorable light. Focus on putting out press releases that inform people on the misinformation haunting search results. Take statements that are not credible, call out incorrect statements for what they are and tell the truth!

2. Prepare Early, Strike Quickly

Utilize your website for what it is. If it’s the first thing that shows up when someone searches your company’s or product’s name (and it should be on page one), then all news related to the truth should be displayed on your landing page. Prepare with a well-designed and user-friendly website that’s mobile friendly so that all reactions to negative press can be put to rest on your site.

3. Crawl Around On Social Networks, Arm the Battleground

Talk to your employees about the impending news. It’s best that they hear it from you rather than come to you concerned with what they just saw on Facebook or Yahoo! News. See that they are able to go through your social networks and speedily reply to any misconceptions or incorrect statements. Utilize blogs and YouTube as well to put out timely visual releases. Arm your PR field where reporters could be lingering so that your PR is ready to delegate to your senior management.

4. Communicate!

It’s hard not to walk away from a hounding reporter but speaking in the positive and openly communicating with reporters will help lessen any ordeal. A mean manager only feeds the fire afterall. Help reporters meet deadlines with stories straight from management so they can report in a timely manner and help spread the truth.

This is a start to handling minor to major damage from a public relations perspective.

What do you do in your company to handle misconceptions or what tips do you have for damage control? Share in the comments below, on our Facebook, and Tweet us @MarketingMaven2!