Elimay Supplements (http://www.elimaysupplements.com) and veterinary distributor partner bringing supplements to dogs in the southwest United States


Elimay Supplements is proud to announce its partnership with Miller Veterinary Supply as part of its commitment to help animal companions have the best, most active fulfilling lives with those who care for them.


Many pet owners are struggling to find the right daily supplements, toys and treats for their dogs and with so many options it can be difficult to sort through the information. Veterinarians can guide pet owners to which products are best for their pet. By partnering with Miller Vet Supply, the Elimay Supplements product line will be more available to veterinarians and consumers. Elimay Supplements like Elimay Longevity and Elimay Immunity are now available to dogs and dog owners in veterinary clinics in the southwest United States. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas and Louisiana will benefit from this partnership by learning about Elimay Supplements and their range of products at their local veterinary offices.


“We are excited to be able to educate people about dog health, and veterinarians are very important and knowledgeable partners in this effort,” said Laura Riehl, Business Development Executive for Elimay Supplements. “Partnering with a trusted distributor like Miller Vet Supply will allow us to make information more accessible about how supplements support dogs’ quality of life.”


The availability of Elimay Supplements in more veterinary offices thanks to Miller Veterinary Supply integrates business and healthcare to streamline education and easily delivers Elimay Supplements from veterinary clinician to dog owners.


To learn more about dog health and for more information about Elimay Supplements, please visit http://www.elimaysupplements.com.


About Elimay Supplements


At Elimay Supplements we understand how dogs are loved as part of the family. Eli May was one such special dog who shared her happiness, wide-eyed innocence, and white fur over everything and everyone around her. When Eli May developed cancer, her owner cared for her, empathized with her pain and suffering, and was bereaved when she finally passed away.


Elimay Supplements was founded in her honor to provide dogs with the best health products without any compromise on quality. We strive to help our animal companions have their best, most active fulfilling lives with those who care for them.


The Elimay Supplements product line includes soft fish-flavored gelatin capsules to help dogs who are fighting abnormal cell growth to detox, better their immunity, and enhance their quality of life with essential omegas, vitamins, and nutrients. The canine supplements help support quality of life for dogs no matter their health status. For more information on Elimay Supplements, please visit http://www.elimaysupplements.com.


About Miller Veterinary Supply


Miller Veterinary Supply is the oldest veterinary distributor in America, founded in 1920 by W.C. “Jack” Miller. By 1936 the business has grown substantially and Miller Veterinary Supply became his full-time pursuit. In 1947 Bennie Smith and his wife Wilma (Jack’s only child) went to work for Miller. In 1967, the company incorporated and also reached the milestone of $1,000,000 in sales. Bennie and Wilma’s eldest child, Jack, joined the company in 1974 and contributed significantly to the company’s growth and success.


Miller Veterinary Supply automated its operations in 1980, becoming more efficient and thereby improving upon their reputation for outstanding customer service.


Today the company provides service to more than 1,000 customers throughout the Southwest, including the states of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, & Louisiana. The company is still owned and operated by Jack Miller’s daughter, Wilma Smith, her son, Jack, and her daughter, Nancy.


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