Press release vs. pitches. What’s the difference? Do you have to write press releases to get media attention? Press releases and pitches each have their own purpose and in some ways, one can be more powerful than the other.

Press Releases

Press releases are written based on an AP format in a journalistic and objective tone. It should be of a newsworthy topic with most of the details surrounding that topic included in the release so the media can pick and choose what they feel is relevant to their story. It should be complete enough with information to be used in a news story or be quoted.


A pitch letter is like a cover letter. You want to grab the attention of a reader right away and make whatever it is that you are pitching seem like the answer to all of the world’s problems. Think of a pitch as a press release extract. It takes all the important information and data reviewed in the press release and puts it in less objective and more informal terms. A pitch gives writers ideas for a story so you’re helping them out with their work!

And so…

When writing either a press release or a pitch keep in mind what or who the product or person is. Also important to keep in mind is why the person you are pitching to or sending a press release to should care. Always, always end your email with where to get more information.

To help the media out with their work however, as we said when it comes to pitches, it takes a tremendous amount of research on your part to be timely and discover what might be of interest. Once you find out what they might like, pitch your product or person to them in an innovative way so it doesn’t fall in line with all the other pitches they are likely receiving.

Keep things interesting and creative, and don’t be afraid to take a risk! The results are rewarding. provides a fun infographic on the Journey of a Press Release: