Phone pitching doesn’t necessarily mean eloquence has to be your forte, but you certainly can’t lack in knowledge. The more you know about a subject, client, or the product will lend you easily to speaking truthfully and in a positive light about the product you are pitching.

To get results by phone, we’ve been using these proven techniques to help us get an extra edge with the media:

1. Stay Cool

No, you’re not trying to impress your old history teacher to get extra credit points. You’re trying to help the person on the other end of the phone understand that you too, are a person, but with a mission. Being cool means keeping your calm and talking slowly. The person you’re trying to engage is probably busy and will talk faster than the speed of light but help them smell the roses by taking a calm pace with your words.

2. Address the Need

As fun as it is to converse, the media is looking for news and you have a good story that’s relevant to them!

3. Stray from a Pitch and KNOW YOUR DATES

Allowing it to be a conversation—although sometimes time consuming—helps the other person think and talk through what it is they may or may not need from you. By knowing their deadlines or when a particular magazine goes to print, you’ll have the one up on them by offering them what they need when they need it.

4. “Leave Me Alone”

If you get the, “I’m not the right person to talk to…” response or “Sorry I’m not interested,” it’s not against the law to kindly ask if they can put you in touch with a better contact.

5. Educate or Re-Educate

Always, always ask if the person with whom you are speaking is familiar with the product, service, or brand and ask if they’ve encountered such a product before. If they have or they haven’t, go straight into your pitch about the product or ask if they are doing an editorial that would be perfect for this product (although doing some research beforehand is a great way to cut down on time and help the media realize where your product would best fit).

Now grab that phone and pitch away!

What are some of your best phone pitching tips?