The Dos and Don’ts of a Professional Press Kit

Like a tiny little trinket, a press kit is supposed to embody your company into a few pages. Unlike how mission statements are often worded, press kits require a certain creative tenacity that really upholds your company culture. What have you done to make your press kit into a true art piece that resonates your company’s message? Oh, you haven’t? Well here are some tips to get you started… or to get you back to the drawing board and revising some words, colors, or pictures.

#1: Generic Isn’t Very Becoming Of You

You know it, and your team knows it: your company isn’t your run of the mill [insert industry here] company. It’s more than original, it’s indescribably amazing! (But not to the point that you can’t convey it in a press kit). Unleash your creative beast and go to town on your press kit. If you’re a luxury furniture company, convey that with simple lines and luxurious words. If you’re a pet company, convey the fun and fuzzy with in with bright colors and of course, pictures of pups!

#2: Sell Yourself

Since a press kit is like your college application to the world, you want to be eligible enough to be accepted by prospective clients, companies and partners. To do this, you need to present yourself and your ego as captivatingly as you can. Include works such as:

• Press releases announcing your accomplishments or milestones

• Testimonials

• Product/Service/Performance Review

• Sample Work (if creative is involved)

• Recent Awards

• Bio Sheet

• Community Involvement Projects (if necessary)

Note that all of these pages need to be included in the press kit when you hand it to someone. Add or subtract pages and update them based on who or to what kind of company you are presenting! A charity? Perhaps a page highlighting your philanthropy and pro bono work will be right up their ally.

#3: Business Cards

What are press kits for if not another way to get your name and your company out in the open? Business cards are the most important asset because they immediately define who you are to the viewer. Ensure that your business cards include:

• Your logo

• A consistent choice of typography

• A finish consistent to your product or service (luxury—finish sleek)

• Easy to read contact information at least 6pt. in size

• URL of course!

Your professional looking press kit is just a few tweaks away and if you’ve already covered all of these bases, then congratulations! You’ve successfully mastered press kit artistry.

Check out some of our client press kits here.

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