It takes a lot of courage and experience to walk the walk but even more expertise to talk the talk. Strutting your stuff is one thing, while getting onto the catwalk, and letting alone building a runway is a whole another process in and of itself. What do we mean? We’re talking about the behind the scenes fashion PR.

Putting Out Pretty Fires

As glamorous as fashion and high-end luxury items are, a lot of fashion PR involves putting out fires and refocusing the media to gain exposure for a line including communicating with editors, fashion shows and more to determine what styles they need for upcoming projects or celebrity clients.

Pitch Perfect

A big part of fashion PR, or any marketing and public relations for that matter is working with the media. It takes some experience to gauge the person on the other end of the line when pitching, but things change a little when it comes to fashion PR.

Since being “on trend” in the fashion media world means knowing what’s coming three seasons ahead, it’s important to pitch media at least two weeks out, unless your pitch is newsworthy and timely. Go ahead and sell what you go, whether it be a pitch about new brands, collections, partnerships, events, and lifestyle products all from a positive perspective. What will your new Marchesa dress bring to the person on the other end of the phone? Include information like:

• Press releases

• Available sizes (usually not necessary for extremely high-fashion)

• Release date of the collection

• Links for the brand (inclusive of social media links)

• And of course the gold mine: images!

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