You’re about to post to Facebook about how you had an awesome lunch with the coolest co-workers ever when Facebook pops up with a message and asks, “do you want to sponsor your post?” Pay the almighty dollar and spread the word!


Facebook is so desperate for you to spend your ad dollar and spread the word about the most wonderful sushi you’ve ever eaten that they think it’s worth paying for. Your statuses? Maybe not. A status on your company page about them winning the most coveted prize in the world and being named best agency in the galaxy? Yeah, you want pay to share that. It’s about evening the odds, especially when Facebook has so many options. (If you’re wondering how to promote posts, more information can be found here).

What are your options?

Two of the most confusing options on Facebook are Facebook Ads and Facebook Offers.

Facebook Offer

Based on information from our Social Media Manager and Account Executive, Aljolynn Sperber, a Facebook Offer will show in the middle of a Facebook user’s newsfeeds and on the company’s Facebook page. In lieu of mentioning discounts or a sales-oriented Call to Action (CTA), Facebook Offers help provide Facebook fans and users any discount codes or special offers that you are promoting. You can determine the number of claims, (i.e. up to 500 users can claim this offer or you can set a length of time you choose to promote the offer form which will provide users with an expiration date for the offer). Here is additional nformation provided by Facebook on their Offers along with a video to help you.

The first time you do a Facebook Offer, it is free! So why not give it a shot?

After your trial period ends, you set a budget. However, keep in mind that Facebook usually has a predetermined budget (i.e. they allow you to spend up to $20 or up to $100 to promote your offer. The number of users you reach is determined on the budget, much like Facebook advertising. However, you MUST have at least 400 Facebook Likes in order to use this tool.

Facebook Ad

A Facebook Ad is generally shown on the right-hand side of a user’s screen and sometimes on the newsfeed as a “sponsored story”. Facebook Ads are used to drive users to your website or Facebook page and in order to effectively do so, the Ad copy needs to have a clear CTA. This Ad copy however cannot discuss discounts and other overly sales-oriented jargon. Any images you choose to use must be owned by the advertiser (you) and cannot have call to actions such as, “Like our Page” or “40% off,” etc. Facebook also creates a good set of guidelines to follow.

The online advertising world is evolving on a daily basis, so please check in as often as possible to guidelines as changes are occurring frequently.

Facebook Your New Client Base

Utilize Facebook advertising options and how they can help you and your company monetize better through social media while engaging users. Don’t forget to utilize Google Analytics to see a true analysis of where your traffic is coming from.

This post is in not sponsored by Facebook and the thoughts and opinions expressed are that of the author.

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