From coffee shops to watching you sleep at night, one thing creeps and lingers. It’s attached to your hand and lights up with news, stories, and posts of who’s near. Cell phones are taking over the world and have quickly become another appendage to our technology dependent selves.

It has brought information into the lives of many and should be the spark that ignites companies and marketers to take advantage of social media mobile marketing.

No Longer Secondary

Tablets and mobile devices are quickly phasing out of being part of a second screen experience. Mobile devices are becoming the primary experience and are taking center as the informational hubs for many around the world. With that in mind, companies should move forward to brand and create their website with a responsive design and contextual design. Remember, mobile screens are considerably smaller and context becomes important.

Instagram Captures Consumers Pinterest

It would be unwise to not take advantage of the 100 million current Instagram users (Mashable) and Pinterest every day. Although mobile users are literate, they like to see graphics on a screen the size of their palm. Even though Instagram has changing Terms of Service and Privacy Policies, individuals still continue to sign up for this app that makes taking pictures into an art.

Applications like Pinterest and Instagram offers individuals a way of seeing your product on their mobile device, tablet or smartphone. Aljolynn Sperber, our Social Media Manager and Account Executive says, “While individuals are going mobile to make their purchasing decisions, they should never discredit the use by consumers of the laptop or desktop – those could never be replaced. Brands can also find their influencers through mobile using Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.”

At Your Service

Restaurant or dry cleaners? You have just as much an effect on consumers as other companies do. Service companies can use mobile applications like FourSquare and a competitive game on Yelp! to get positive reviews and encourage use of your services with mobile coupons. Look into applications like Gowalla and Whrrl to make eating at your restaurant a community event and strike-up a friendly mobile conversation with your target consumers.

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