Pros and Cons of Big and Small Companies


Celebrities are rarely seen wearing affordable clothing and accessories but when they do, E! spreads the news like wildfire. In a similar fashion (no pun intended), large companies often want to work with other large companies. “How will a small agency be able to service us?” is a common enterprise moniker but it’s time we take a look at the small guys’ big picture.

Leave Your Emotions at the Door

Big companies offer a cool and sexy image with their long list of notable clients and day-to-day high-level decision making. It’s come time for companies to leave their desire for a status symbol at the door.

Small companies are often run by experienced leaders, who have a background of working with large agencies. These are leaders who have honed in on their skills and are applying them to the formation of their own company and client growth. Due to their focus and drive for success, small companies pay much more attention to clients and their needs. Face-to-face meetings occur more often and client enjoys a more personalized touch with every campaign related task they do.

The biggest advantage to working with small companies is that they are far more affordable than large, “designer” companies.

Large Companies Have the Glam and Cost the Glitz

Unlike most small companies, large companies are a one stop shop. Their intentions and goals are what differ the most from that of small companies. Large companies are more focused on their growth and your account manager will likely be an average worker out of their hundreds of employees. Although their work may be exceptional, service may be lacking. Pay the big bucks for the designer price; just make sure you’re getting what you pay for!

Go with your Gut

If you are looking for a company knee-deep in the entertainment industry and tied to a plethora of connections, then a large agency is probably for you. If you are looking for a personalized and specialized service from a company that works for you and with you, then contacting a small business should be your next step.

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