MitoSynergy Debuts at Natural Products Expo West 2013 to Promote a Better Quality of Life at Booth #694


MitoSynergy, a dietary supplement product line that supports optimum neuromuscular health and energy via its proprietary patent-pending ingredient Cunermuspir, will debut their supplement at the Natural Products Expo West 2013. The expo will be held at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA, from Friday March 8, 2013 to Sunday, March 10, 2013. MitoSynergy will showcase their supplement containing the patent-pending Cunermuspir complex found in no other product in the world at booth #694.


MitoSynergy brings a new meaning to all-natural supplements. By utilizing copper’s natural interaction with the body, MitoSynergy’s patent-pending Cunermuspir Complex helps to improve the body’s ability to absorb copper to support such chemical reactions as cell signaling, energy production, hormone synthesis, supplying oxygen to the brain, and brain stimulation. With its proprietary blend of nutrients, MitoSynergy affects the mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) processes to help and support individuals for a better quality of life.


The Order of Absorption process in which Cunermuspir interacts with the body is based on the nano-particle size of the copper and its chelation. These two characteristics, along with other proprietary qualities, make the copper in Cunermuspir special in its abilities to help the body absorb nutrients and support a healthy neurological system.


Those attending Natural Products Expo West can learn more about MitoSynergy at booth #694. Attendees can gain an understanding of how the combination of Cunermuspir with other vitamins and nutrients helps the body help itself.


“We are currently undergoing placebo controlled double blinded clinical trials and seeing MitoSynergy’s beneficial and positive effects,” said Charlie Barker, CEO and Co-Founder of MitoSynergy. “We are proud to launch MitoSynergy at Natural Products Expo West to help others realize the benefits of helping their body do what it does naturally. We wanted to bring to people in many different types of situations the opportunity to help better the quality of their life by all-natural means. Our booth at Natural Products Expo West will be both educational and eye-opening as people gain an understanding of how MitoSynergy helps optimize neuromuscular health and helps improve a quality of life to maintain activities of daily living.”


Currently, MitoSynergy is a stand-alone dietary supplement. The MitoSynergy product line will be expanding to include multiple products that support energy levels, aid sleep management and more. For more information about MitoSynergy, please visit:


About MitoSynergy


MitoSynergy was created because a loving uncle was trying to help improve the quality of life for his 21 year old nephew who became paraplegic after he broke his neck. The uncle searched the world for something to give his nephew hope. In his endeavors, he joined forces with a top PhD Chemist in the United States and they perfected the compound known as Cunermuspir.


MitoSynergy is a proprietary blend of nutrients that has direct impact on human cell energy producers, the mitochondria. At the heart of MitoSynergy is the Cunermuspir Complex: MitoSynergy’s patent-pending nutrient complex is not found in any other product. MitoSynergy has a unique delivery mechanism on a molecular level in the mitochondria. The most important quality of MitoSynergy is that it may help you in ways that no other product has the ability to help you.


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