In a world of acronyms and three-lettered emotions, LOL, DIY, IDK, one three-letter “word” should be of utmost importance to the success of your company: SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization affects organic search results. When done properly, SEO can lead customers to your site leading to what would hopefully be high-conversion rates. Proper SEO practices not only organically ranks you higher on search results, but it keeps people on your web page, outranks your competition, and if you keep it up, can work wonders for your company’s marketing.

Renovate to Boost your Online Presence

Boosting your online presence starts with keyword research. When it comes to SEO, keywords are the building blocks to your SEO marketing strategies. To find keywords, use keyword tracking tools such as Google AdWords to see what keywords on your site are picking up the most attention. To see how your competition is doing, see what keywords are helping your competitor enjoy high ranks.

What is a “good” keyword?

According to SEOdesignSolutions, a keyword should:

1. Provide more than 5-10 searches per day (actual type in search traffic).

2. Be capable of stemming to encompass broad match terms. Are your rankings volatile and dynamic?, methodical and calculated (known for the gradual ascent over time)?, bold and daring or subdued?

For example, using the three fundamentals of how search engines assess on page and off page site synergy, the facets of allinanchor, allintext and allintitle come into play. Open a Google search and then add the following search command to find out where your site stands in the grand scheme of things.

In the search box, check these by using the search command followed by a colon, then a space and the keyword.

allintitle: keyword to check

This lists which sites have the highest number of keywords in the title

allinanchor: keyword to check

This lists which domains have the strongest inbound links

allintext: keyword to check

This lists which domains have the strongest on page relevance

allinurl: keyword to check

This lists which domains have the strongest relevance

Word Up!

With the right keywords in hand, utilize the following SEO marketing techniques to get you on the path to renovating your web page for positive conversions:

1. Write articles or upkeep a blog post where you can write content that uses your keywords. This will help your ranking as more and more of those keywords get tied back to your site.

2. Social networks are royalty of the internet. Use social bookmarketing website or networks to get backlinks to your site for more keyword buildup.

3. Popularize your website by working with other bloggers or writing articles for other sites–this will not only gain you credibility but it will boost your page views. Imagine being quoted on Wall Street Journal or Better Homes and Garden! Your credibility will immediately become more legitimate.

An article from practical ecommerce finds that in a presentation given by Andrea Fishman, vice president of global strategy at BGT Partners — a marketing and design firm — at Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2011, “57% of digital marketing impact is derived from SEO.” But search engine optimization also has a symbiotic relationship with social media, press relations, paid search, offline advertising, and other marketing channels.

Be sure to nurture your site with internal and external links, and multitask and manage various facets of opt¬¬¬imization. Build your site with a strong foundation and soon your page will be overflowing with visits and conversions.

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