With the Internet forming the basis of nearly all business use, social networking is playing a crucial role in entrepreneurship.

Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are helping entrepreneurs gain contacts, clients and spread brand awareness to help their company grow. Setting up a global presence using social networking sites means understanding the concept of social networking to successfully apply it to the growth of your business.


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Expand Connections

With social networking, use existing contacts to meet new people. Avoid being a nuisance and being labeled as spam by Facebook or other sites by not friending or messaging more than a handful of people per day. Instead of making a first online impression with someone without knowing anyone in their circle, consider meeting them at community events or by participating in trade shows. Utilizing social media means combining traditional tactics with modern ones.

If you do, however, want to connect with someone whom you’ve never meet, ensure that you know someone in their circle. Remember, social networking means connecting through connections. Your future connection must be part of your web of current connections.

Keep it Consistent

Practice good social networking techniques by being an active member and quickly becoming a social media expert. In order to avoid being a social media troll, have an online presence that reflects your professional standing. Your page should reflect the atmosphere of your business and exude professionalism–even an online first impression can be a bad one.

Exert yourself online and your social networking skills to help grow your company and group of fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders.

What are the best social media or social networking tips you’ve received?

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