Capturing a reader’s attention is an understated goal of PR professionals. The use of proper verbiage is as important in writing as it is in a job interview. The goals are very similar: you want to leave a lasting impression.

Depends On Your Readers

The type of verbiage you use will depend on you’re the target demographic of your audience. When reaching journalists or editors, the rule can be somewhat counterintuitive: use plain language. Regardless of the product or service you are trying to share, it is unlikely that the journalist or editor will know much jargon related to the specific industry.

This same rule applies for consumers. Plain language keeps messages simple without over complicating the content. In this quick-paced and short-attention spanned world, succinct content can make it easier for consumers to understand your product or service. To determine whom you are speaking with, the simple rules may apply:

  1. How much does your reader know about your industry?
  2. What information do you need to provide for them to understand?
  3. What are the needs and interests of your readers?
  4. What information will capture their attention?

Approved Content

Now that you know your reader, align your content to be informative, correct, and simple. Are you informing readers about supplements? Use verbiage that’s been approved by your attorney relating to structure-function claims. To learn more about writing content for the health or supplement industry, see our post on health PR.

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