Tips on Dealing with a Difficult Client


Customers may be right but they may not always be so easy to deal with. Finding the techniques to deal with unhappy clients is key to effective “customer service” and here are some our tips and tricks to keeping clients happy:

  1. Listen
  2. Key to effective communication in any situation is to listen. Don’t argue or talk over the person on the other end of the life. Listen and listen attentively and actively. This will not only give you time to figure out a relevant response but it will help you built rapport with your client.

  3. Assume Everyone is Watching
  4. If you act as if everyone is watching, your perspective will automatically help you think more clearly when responding. Imagine as if your client will repeat the conversation you had to other potential clients.

  5. It’s Not Personal, It’s Business
  6. When you sense any negativity, always speak to the issue at hand and don’t take it personally, even if the customer does. Drive the conversation back to the problem at the hand and how you intend on resolving it.

  7. We’re All Human
  8. We are all humans, and neither party knows how the other’s day is going. This conversation could be the product of a bad day, but with your calm voice and tone, it will make you feel good to know that you have helped solve a problem, and make their day better.

  9. Follow Up
  10. If you promise to follow up with the necessary materials to solve an issue, always call back at the intended time.

  11. Next Steps
  12. Always create a plan of action and follow up on your promises to reassure your client that a solution is being put to the test.

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