Partnering for Profitability by Lindsey Carnett

Retail stores must deliver the full customer experience for product to move off shelves. In addition to designing an aesthetically welcoming store, both retail and chain store owners need to line their walls with merchandise that is in demand from their customers. As a retailer, it is critical to understand the manufacturer’s brand, their customer profile, how the brand style-guide aligns with the product line in your store, and whether co-marketing opportunities exist.


Fill in the Blanks

Effective sales strategies to help maximize a product’s potential begin with education surrounding the brand and their customer. Questions retailers need to consider before choosing to work with a brand to drive customers in to the retail store should include:

  • What is the behavioral profile of the brand’s target consumer?
  • How is the brand’s style-guide in alignment with the retail store’s mission and vision?

To read the full article and learn about the additional questions to consider, pick up a copy of the Maternity & Newborn Buying Spring/Summer 2014 edition.


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