Like a monkey on our backs, social media monitoring is constantly tracking our every move. Depending on your needs, from business to personal, social media can offer a multitude of benefits, but which social media platforms are right for you?

Unlike other social platforms, Facebook and Google+ are some of the few that offer photo, video, article, and text capabilities. These are seemingly the most all-encompassing platforms. But while Google+ is growing in user base, Facebook is bleeding users and their new algorithm is significantly declining the page’s content reach for brands.

The Who—Who is using Facebook and Who is using Google+?

A report organized by comScore found that the demographics of users searching for Facebook and Google+ compared to each other and concluded that individuals looking for Google+ tend to be younger and wealthier than Facebook searchers. “The income skews are even more distinct, essentially polar opposites of each other. More than 32% of Google+ searchers have a household income of $100K or greater, compared to 23% of Facebook searchers.”

The What—what is Google+?

Facebook rarely needs an introduction. Its younger cousin Google+ however is new to the scene and quickly climbing up the social ladder to popular ranks. Regardless of its quick ascent, many individuals are still confused about what Google+ is and how they can use it. First, let’s tackle the what.

Google+ or G+, is like a social connection between multiple services that are already commonly seen across the top of your Gmail page: Search, YouTube, Calendars, Maps, Drive, News, Play and of course G+.

YouTube users are required to create a G+ account to write comments, which streamlines the two social platforms and promotes further engagement on G+. The biggest advantage to engaging on G+ is it’s SEO benefits.

Much like Facebook, G+ also offers “Pages” for businesses that showcase hours of operation, a phone number, a website URL, and a business address, making your business or service easily accessible to the “googler.” There is also a tab for About and Reviews.

G+ users can add business pages to their “circles,” or categories of followers, to receive updates.

In an effort to compete with Facebook, G+ is testing a new +Post ad system in the form of promoted posts to run across Google’s Display Ad Network.

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