As social media marketing introduces more and more outlets and terms, how can one keep track? Here is a simple introduction to some definitions and how they are related:

Blogosphere: refers to all blogs on the Internet as well as the conversations that are happening inside that space.

Bulletin boards: the electronic version of public notice boards. They allowed users to interact within a central computer to post and read messages. The term can still be used for forums.

Bookmarking: storing the address of a website or other media in your browser. In a social bookmarking site such as Delicious, users can save, search, organize, and manage their bookmarks. When users add tags, others can easily find and use their research.

RSS Feed: short for Really Simple Syndication is a web feed that automatically syndicates the content you subscribe to and delivers it through an aggregate feed.

The world of online blogs, or blogosphere is inclusive of bulletin boards and public fórums where people share their thoughts with each other. Your blog content should be interesting enough to keep readers coming back, so hopefully they bookmark your site. Better yet, they’ll subscribe and add your blog to their RSS feed. The best outcome of a blog, especially if you’re a Brand or Company, is to have the blog bring traffic to your website, and convert into sales!

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