All information in direct response copy should provide all the necessary information for a consumer to making a buying decision. Additionally, it should provide an emotional trigger for the consumer to make that decision immediately. Here is a simple format to get you started:

  • Headline – Most important product benefit.
  • Introduction – Who are you, what do you do?
  • Body Copy – Benefits of products and services.
  • Internal Sub-headers – A summary of all benefits.
  • Testimonials – Positive comments from past clients or customers.
  • Offer – Position product in most compelling way possible (what discount are you providing?).
  • Call-to-Action – How should buyers respond? (i.e. Click HERE to purchase!)
  • Rationale – Why is your offer the best offer?
  • Answers – Why does your product solve the buyer’s problems?
  • Upsell – Introduce an accompanying product that complements the current product.
  • Close – Reminder of Call-To-Action to encourage a sale.

Do you have a structure you follow? What are your Direct Response secrets?