Location, location, location. This motto true to realtors and real estate investing also applies to investing in the right marketing and public relations (PR) firm. Depending on your needs, target demographic, and other key elements, choosing a PR firm with the right metropolitan influence can make or break your campaign.

According to PRDaily.com, 95% of all national media reside within 50 miles of Columbus Circle in New York. New York also takes pride in still having three daily newspapers. It’s the financial heart of America; the advertising and PR mecca; and it’s “on” all the time. In this 24/7 city, there are no 9 to 5 jobs; you can get anything done, anytime. Los Angeles is home to a more challenging business environment. Why? PRDaily.com finds that most of the broadcast networks, national media outlets, ad and PR agencies have major offices on the coast, but typically aren’t headquartered here. However, there are many independents and small shops with very creative people. Film and TV production rule the roost with nearly one in every five jobs somehow related to entertainment. Startups and new businesses also abound here, with the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something that could be great at some point down the road.

Although both cities have the potential of offering global reach, each metropolitan is keen on certain industries. Los Angeles for example, is best to market technology-centric products. After all, Silicon Valley is home to Google, Yahoo!, and more which have a reach all throughout California! As much as Los Angeles revolves around fashion, there is no hub for fashion in North America like New York. Style related PR is best started in New York then taken bicoastal.

How do you decide where to market your campaign? Marketing Maven has offices in New York with headquarters in Los Angeles. If you have questions about which city is best for you, feel free to contact us!