From beauty to brands, Public Relations (PR) in fashion is more than designer brands and private events. Although most associate fashion PR with the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, beauty and fashion PR is about building relationships with the press, organizing and managing promotions, working with top stylists for their photo shoots, participating in events including gifting suites, doing creative work like creation and distribution of press releases and press kits, and reporting.

Here is how to apply PR to the fashion and beauty industry.

Step One: Conceal Beauty Blemishes

Just like other industries, beauty and fashion PR can have reputation hiccups. A photo shoot was interpreted as controversial or a brand representative stepped out of line. It’s up to beauty and fashion PR experts to help with reputation management both online and offline. Offline, PR experts help celebrities, brand representatives, and brand partners with media training to keep brand messaging consistent in front of the camera. We also help ensure this messaging is reflected online through the use of timely press releases with news like new product launches, awards, partnerships, and philanthropic achievements.

With the use of reputation management, PR experts work with brands to conceal any previous negative press with new, positive, and consistent messaging.

Step Two: Apply a Foundation for Success

To properly conceal and maintain their brand reputation, fashion brands need a mission and vision that is foundational to their brand. This message is then relayed to media creatively with parallel-media targeting. A consumer product pitch to family magazines has a much different editorial slant and focus than an entrepreneurial feature pitch to business reporters at newspapers and TV shows.

Complementing this outreach is a press kit. Press kit is foundational to branding and is one of the many assets that make up the whole brand messaging.

Step Three: Highlight

Newsworthy events and news should be highlighted both online and offline. Did your product win an international award? Write a release and share it with the media! Post it on social media and connect with your followers. What award-winning product would they like to see next?

Step Four: Set It and Maintain

Now that all your assets are complete and you’ve started building relationships with media, it’s time to set it all together and maintain the success. Compile reports to provide the client insight into what’s working and what’s not. Determine your marketing success with Google Analytics and overall interaction.

Just like all else, fashion and beauty PR, although more event and perhaps celebrity focused, is much like other marketing industries. Stay true to your target market and be fashion forward in setting marketing trends!