Response Magazine found in their December 2011 issue that, “Upsells added 15% to 29% to direct response TV orders.” Upsells, bonus products and add-ons can take on a life of their own and become main products or they can create new, related products that can be sold as part of your brand. It is important that your product has consumables or add-on’s; or will spawn new, related products that can be sold to your loyal following. These “back end” sales will continue to justify the costs of a Infomercial / Direct Response DRTV campaign.

“In today’s challenging media environment, upsell and continuity programs are necessary in maximizing your media buys during rollout. Additionally, testing value-added upsells or bonuses allow us to test market acceptability for a certain product and offers us insight on whether we should consider the item as retail branding strategy,” says Steve Heroux, CEO and founder of Hampton Direct.

In fact, upsells are a major factor in determining the success of a campaign. Which airings were profitable which weren’t, how many people ordered, percentage of upsells taken and average revenue per order are all important statistics.

A good upsell strategy may be organized into three parts: best deal, great deal, and good deal. Each part is a recommendation on your part, for example:

  • (Recommended) Best Deal: Monthly Renewal Service-just $39.97
  • Great Deal: Every Two Months Renewal-just $80.00

Another aspect of a good upsell strategy is streamlining the checkout process. Whether it is through a teleservices agency or online, making the checkout process as easy as possible may lead to a better Return on Investment.

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