Partnering with mommy bloggers to market food and beverage products is but one of the many successful tactics to publicize your product. For example, moms are looking for healthy options for their kids, and are considered a trusted resource for other mothers.

Food and beverage Public Relations (PR) is not just exclusive to food. Whether you are launching a product or establishing a connection with grocery trade communities, food and beverage PR is necessary to help leverage alliances with all those in the industry. This includes chefs, restaurateurs, food photographers, influencers, and industry-specific organizations to solidify meaningful consumer and trade media coverage.

Driving Food & Beverage Sales

There are specific ways to drive food and beverage sales, from simple restaurant promotions to big budget campaigns. Publicity stunts with a local appeal, for example, can help you cut through the clutter and make you stand out, although the exposure may be limited. To increase your exposure, consider an event that goes past celebrity cook-offs, or your run of the mill golf tournament. What can you do to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records? Think big to build the brand.

Get Online!

People may not be able to taste your product online, but you can certainly inspire them! It is very important to build a social media following in order to be able to engage the rapid and continuous growing numbers of social media platform users.

Take advantage of platforms like Pinterest to diversify how your product can be used. Use Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter as an opportunity to partner with other brands and create easy-to-follow recipes that incorporate your food or drink.

Take to Vine to easily capture your audience’s attention. A quick six-second video of you popping your new soda can or showing how your frosting makes cupcakes stand out will inspire future brand ambassadors to spread your word.

Move forward and elevate the presence of your brand nationally by staying on top of editorial calendars, trends, and requests for all food and beverage stories. Connect with bloggers who can inspire others with creative projects of their own!

Food and beverage PR is about turning delicious drinks into real time media opportunities. Public relations provides you with the access to media coverage, culinary experts who share your passion, and food writers and producers ready to rave about your delectable food.

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