While you’re excited by a new campaign or strategy that’s doing especially well, you might not see the same enthusiasm from the client simply because they are so busy.

Working with active clients can be a challenge. Or it can be an exciting opportunity.

There are four things to remember when working with a busy professional that will help you to show the positive impact you’re having on their business activities.

1) You’re not the only star of the show
Sometimes this is difficult to remember, but it’s not all about you! Your clients have a full plate running companies with many moving parts. Don’t stress if they can’t reply right away. If it’s a good idea that will help them to realize their business goals, keep reminding them of its importance and they’ll come back to you.

2) Synthesize your knowledge
After working on a venture for ten hours, you know all the minutiae of a given project. But very often your client, and even the rest of your team, doesn’t have that same level of understanding. Summarizing information into a palatable set of bullet points (including deliverables for your client!) helps them to get back to you in a quick manner.

3) Have a regular time slot
If they weren’t busy people, they wouldn’t have hired you to do their marketing and PR. Respect their time by scheduling regular meetings when you can have their full attention. They save time and you get personal communication. Everyone’s happy.

4) Give them a call
We’re all inundated with emails. Sometimes it’s easy for a message to fall through the cracks or for a “quick check-in” to turn into a twenty message email chain. If it’s more efficient to pick up the phone and give a quick call to communicate what you need, do it!

It’s not always easy, but working with a busy client can help you to communicate efficiently and proactively. Whether it’s providing synthesized deliverables or stepping away from the email time-trap to pick up the phone, there are tricks out there to step up your game and provide the best service to your clients possible.

-Contributor: Sean McCarthy, Social Media Coordinator for Marketing Maven