The Facebook Exodus: Part 2

Last week we discovered that those under 24 are now much less likely to be on Facebook than they were two or three years ago. But, as you’re strategizing ad budgets, should you disregard Mark Zuckerberg’s creation as a thing of the past? No, certainly not.

As the youth migrate towards Instagram, Facebook has embraced a new core demographic of 40-70 year olds; they may not be the future, but they’re certainly the here and now. These older generations are discovering nearly-forgotten friends, former neighbors, and long lost cousins.
The older generations are beloved by brands because they’re much more trusting, according to a recent Pew Research Study. This decreased level of skepticism makes them more likely to engage with your sponsored content than the younger crowd. An engaged follower is a repeat customer waiting to happen.

In an increasingly saturated social media sphere, it is essential to be in a market where your followers are active enough to see the content that you’re posting. If a teenager posts a family picture they could get 15, maybe 20, likes within a couple of hours; then have that same kid tag their parents in the photo and it would be a surprise if they didn’t reach 50 likes by the end of the day. Parents are on top of their game.
These same parents who are regularly seeing your content are the ones with the largest buying power in the world. Although the youngest generation is larger than even the Baby Boomers, they’re stuck in minimum wage jobs. Those in their 40’s and 50’s are in the prime of their money-making careers. Making more money is very often equivalent with buying more products and services. Your products and services.

If your brand is one that tailors to the older demographic, then you need a solid presence on Facebook. Expand your reach by investing in advertising on Facebook, where the Cost Per Like (CPL), Cost Per Click (CPC), and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) generally outperforms other social channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. Mix your advertising with organic content to generate organic followers by posting engaging, relevant, and relatable content. Know what your Call-to-Action strategy is to entice and convert this key demographic. Embrace the fact that you’re reaching the demographic with the largest buying power in history. Reap the profits of a well-run Facebook campaign.

-Contributor: Sean McCarthy, Social Media Coordinator for Marketing Maven