What is your brand’s goal on Pinterest? Are you trying to drive and convert website traffic or build a community? The answer should be both! Navigating Pinterest as a brand should be a careful balance between call-to-action pins and curated re-pins from fellow Pinterest users for inspiration that relate to your brand. 

Getting Started 

 • The first step to creating a seamless brand website to Pinterest experience is adding the “Pin it” button to all of your product and blog images. Program the pins to auto populate a caption that includes your brand name and a short description of the product or blog post. Most pinners are too lazy to create custom captions so you have the opportunity for them to pin exactly what you’d like them to say to their friends! These pins will show up on their personal profile and in search results on Pinterest. 

 • Once this is complete, you will need to set up your Pinterest page, as a Business, not a person. This is important because you will have the opportunity to verify your website, which will give you access to detailed analytics. This also does wonders for SEO. You will be able to see what is being pinned from your website and your audience’s demographics and interests based on what else they are pinning on Pinterest. 

• Start off by creating 3 – 5 boards. 

 o You want to be able to have at least 5 -10 pins on each board and update them regularly. Nothing looks worse than a brand with a million empty Pinterest boards. 
 o One of these boards should be called your (Your Brand Name) Products & Reviews. Use this board for product related reviews (linking to the blog post or media outlet) and call to action pins. 
 o The other boards are for curated related content. Are you in the housewares category? Try boards like Bathroom Inspiration, Dreamy Bedrooms and DIY Ideas We Love. The idea is to pin supplemental content, tips and ideas to interest your followers; not pinning anything that could be considered your competition. 

 • Aim to update your pins one to three times a week. 

 o Updating pins throughout the day is ideal but if you’re pinning content all at once, aim to pin no more than 15 pins. If your followers log on to their account later in the day and have to scroll through tons of pins that do not interest them (especially if they are all branded to your product or service), they will swiftly unfollow you. 
 o Pin a mix of branded and curated content to avoid this phenomenon. 

Uploading original Pinterest content and re-pinning user content can take a lot of time and patience! Our expert social media team is ready to help you with your marketing goals. 

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Contributor: Stephanie Siewert, Social Media Specialist at Marketing Maven