Reporters are an important
part of the public relations progress. Forming a relationship with a reporter
can take time, and their decision can ultimately make or break a story. 

If you are looking for a
positive relationship with a reporter check out the tips below! 

Do your research: in order to have a productive relationship
you need to know more about them. Thoroughly research their background, their
interests and their beat so you can tailor your pitch and make it relevant. 

Be helpful: doesn’t be a hindrance to a reporter. Ensure you are familiar
with their deadlines, when the publication goes live. Knowing what they need to
will make both your lives easier! 

Be social: demonstrate to the reporter that you’re interested in their work
and their opinions. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn, and like their public
Facebook page. Importantly, share what they’re posting- it could be links that
are relevant to your industry, local news or just something interesting. 

Give them a ‘heads up:’ if you know in advance of an upcoming
announcement or event, give the reporter a friendly warning. Ensure that you
use any appropriate rules, e.g. an embargo and provide resources when you say
you will. 

Follow up: if you haven’t received confirmation about a pitch ensure that
you follow up but don’t be annoying. One to two emails will suffice. 

Be an expert: make yourself available as an expert and reliable source for the
reporter. Provide compelling stories, leads and opportunities that will not
only benefit your client, but the reporter too! 

What tips have you used to have a great
relationship with a reporter? Share your thoughts with us on
Twitter or Facebook!