In the
ever-changing digital age, creating content that people want to read and share
can be a challenge. How can you make your content stand out from the crowd and
capture the attention of users across the globe?

These tips
and tricks can help to make your content shareable with readers and followers

A strong call to action: ensure every piece of content you
create and post has an engaging call to action prompt. Include links for
readers to click on and a sign-up sheet to collect email addresses. Use
questions that will encourage readers to respond on social media and share
their thoughts with their own followers.

A catchy description or title: headlines work best when they’re
punchy and under 100 characters. Practice your description writing before
posting and make sure you include plenty of keywords geared towards SEO.

Maximize image sizes: visual content immediately catches
the eye of a reader. Boost the impact of your images by using the correct
dimensions to fit in the preview boxes on social media. As a guide, Twitter
images work best at 440×220, Facebook at 1200×630 and Pinterest at 236
(scaled.) For detailed sizes check out this handy guide.

Use hashtags sparingly: overusing hashtags is a likely way
to turn off readers from sharing your content. Research demonstrates that tweets containing hashtags
receive twice as much engagement compared to those without. Tweets that use two
hashtags perform better than those with more. Capitalize on this statistic by
using strong hashtags or keywords that are relevant to your content and the
field that you’re discussing.

Time optimization: aim to share your content at times
when the use of social media is at its highest. A handy guide to remember is as



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