Infographics have soared in popularity over the past few years, making them a great way to share compelling content.

From presenting data to sharing best practice, infographics can be used to draw attention to news in a visually exciting way.

If you’re thinking of creating an infographic our top tips can be used to guide you along your way! 

Size: before you work on the specifics, ensure your template is correctly set. Limit the infographics width to the standard 735 pixels and don’t let the height go over 5000 pixels. A super large infographic is likely not to be shared! 

Color palette: unless you are after the rainbow effect, limit the color of your infographic to two-three shades. Opt for colors that complement each other and match the brand of your organization. 

Simple graphics: opt for graphics that complement the data or news that you’re sharing. Sharing statistics about the motor industry? Use a car graphic as the driving graphic force. New developments in the beauty world? Share the news by using shapes of make up products to display your data. 

Relevant and up to date data: if using data from a secondary source, double-check its accuracy and when it was released. Your infographic will have an impact for the wrong reasons if it is filled with errors. 

A compelling hook: ensure you catch the attention of your audience by titling your infographic with an exciting ‘Why’ question. Otherwise, why would they share it? 

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