Want your post
or article to be seen and shared? An eye-catching headline is the right way to
go about it!

 With millions
of blog posts, news articles and press releases written and shared every day,
getting your work to be seen by the right audience is critical. 

 A standout
headline plays a vital role in creating attention, and without one, your work
will likely be dead in the water.

Here are our ten top tips for creating a
headline that everyone will see!

Create a word bank: it’s a good idea to have a word bank
filled with words that are suitable to use in headlines. Use your word bank as
a living document, updating it on a regular basis to fit in with new projects,
new clients and the industry you’re operating in.  

Use the 5Ws: head back to basics and use the 5Ws-
who, what, when, where and why in your headlines. Don’t forget to try and use
how too!

The power of three: it’s no
that a
tri-strong grouping of words stands out to readers. Combine this technique with
alliteration and you’re onto a winner!

Call to action: create a sense of urgency in a call to
action that your audience will find it hard to resist! ‘Read this post for
public relations success’ is one that would catch our attention!

Load with key words: make sure important words that need to
be included are present within the headline. This strengthens your release
being seen by the correct market as well as boosting your SEO success.

Exciting lexis with a promise: tempting a reader with knowledge or
product that they can receive is a great way to grab their attention. Using
words such as tips, tricks, secrets and facts are all great examples of lexis
that create interest.

Simplicity: it can be hard to break through the
noise, particularly when reading a headline that contains lots of information. Simplicity
is often best, especially when clearly spelling out what the post or article is
offering. Try shaping your headline into an intriguing question or using simple
language that will cut through any vagueness.

The Buzzfeed approach: numbers and percentages are extremely
appealing and let the reader know exactly what they’re getting. Buzzfeed capitalizes on this technique and their
site is a fun read. I hope this tip drew you to reading this article…

Character count: make sure your headline is seen
correctly on search engines by ensuring that your character count total falls
under 70. There’s nothing worse than a headline that is cut off!  

10. A
strong image
: support
your well-written headline with a strong image. Use it when sharing your post
on social media, on your website and as part of your public relations strategy.

What are your tips for creating a
standout headline? Share your thoughts with us on