Event PR is a beast, but it is also one of the more exciting things
we as PR practioners get to manage for our clients. We get the pleasure of
coordinating media coverage that gives exposure to the organization and its
supporters. And when Extra TV or People Magazine walks in the door, you can bet
your client will be happy.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when coordinating
media coverage for a client event.


· Know the
layout of the space: Ask for access to the location and visit the space in
advance or you can request an overview of the venue to help you prep ahead of
time. Knowing the floor plan will help you coordinate a press check-in area and
the best locations for media interviews.

· Assign
spots for media interviews: If this is a red carpet event, then you will want
to line-up media based on typical length of interviews, i.e. photographers
first, TV crews next, and print or online media last.

· Print additional
press badges: You will likely have media contacts who confirm the day before or
day of, so print extra badges ahead of time. You’ll be glad to have them in
case someone brings a larger crew or someone happens to come very last minute.
It also helps in case you forget a face or a name and need to track down a media
person in a crowd of others who don’t have the press badge.

· Pre-print
and place media signage for each media spot on the red carpet: This will reduce
any chaos or stress once media starts arriving. Without the signs, media may
begin competing with one another for the ideal spot for images and interviews.

· Stay
organized: Take a clipboard, business cards, pens, tape, and scratch paper. If
necessary, also take a laptop so you can draft the post-event press release with
event details for a next day newswire distribution.

· Be
attentive to the media who attends: When they check in, provide a guest tip
sheet, media alert and your business card so they have all of the event
information in hand. While they are waiting for notable guests to arrive, ask
who they are interested in speaking with and make sure you are able to coordinate
the interview. If celebrities or notable guests are late, don’t hesitate to
make small talk. Building this relationship will be beneficial when you want to
pitch other events, products, or ideas in the future. When media notices you
value their presence, they are also happier to be in attendance and will likely
cover the event positively.


· Say media
or celebrities will be there, unless they are confirmed to attend.

· Underestimate
the amount of volunteers you will need.

· Overlook
name announcements to help photographers keep track of their red carpet photos.

· Forget a
house photographer, videographer or both. 

Contributor: Brittany Galvan, Assistant Account Executive at Marketing Maven

Image Credit: Elizabeth Maxim