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When Twitter
announced the launch of Periscope in March 2015, the tech and public relations
industries went wild with excitement. According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, an estimated
1 million users signed into the app in the first 10 days following its launch. Periscope’s
founders said they wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation-
and that’s exactly what they’ve done!

Video is big
business for brands and organizations, with the demand for video content
increasing. By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic,
and on demand traffic along will have trebled.

So how can you use live stream

Use as part of your wider strategy: whether it be a campaign or to increase
awareness of your brand, live streaming video should be at the heart of your
public relations strategy. Decide what your USP of using Periscope will be and
tailor your content meet your objectives. 

Be specific: like you would with the other social
networks, think about when engagement with your followers is at its highest.
Plan to broadcast when your Twitter followers are really engaging with your
content, and remember to cross promote on other networks. 

Be aware of the limitations: broadcasts are only available for 24
hours, although you can save them to your camera roll, potentially uploading
them to other social media sites and your website. Similarly, ensure you are
not sharing any copyrighted or obscene material. 

Show the lighter side: social media is meant to be social…and
fun! Highlight the lighter side of your brand or organization when using
Periscope and offer viewers something that they wouldn’t normally see. Perhaps
a look behind the scenes or what you get up to on a Friday? 

Be engaging: viewers can tell you in real-time if
they are enjoying your broadcast. The heart symbol is the same as a like on
Facebook and the more hearts you receive, the more chance you have of appearing
on the Most Loved or Popular People sections. Viewers are also able to ask
questions – just make sure you answer them live! 

Have you
already used Periscope? What do you like (or loathe!) about the app? Let us
know on Facebook or Twitter!

Contributor: Aljolynn Sperber, Director of Social Media for Marketing Maven