Consumers are so bombarded with advertisements these days,
it’s important to engage customers with a story about your product. The Woof
Washer 360 dog washing system Media Spot and Facebook engagement is a great
example of a campaign executed correctly.

1. Start by setting your scene: appeal to your target demographics’ senses and tap into their passions. Introduce an element of conflict and establish the problem at hand.  

The scene for the Woof Washer 360 infomercial shows a hopeless garden hose-wielding owner chasing their dog through their backyard with very little actual washing going on. Fellow dog owners all nod their heads in agreement; washing your dog by yourself does indeed suck!

2. Solve a common problem!

The Woof Washer 360 is here to save the
day! It’s an easy to use dog washing system that dogs and owners love! Dirty
dogs and no easy way to wash them are the problem and the Woof Washer 360 is
the solution.

3. Carry your story from the TV spot to social

Once people see your infomercial on TV,
they may search for your product on social media to see if they can find out
more information, review comments from other fans or haters, and view your
other content. Make sure your brand is active on social media with relevant and
recent content before your spot airs so you can capture the attention and
retain the interest of these potential customers.

4. Video is king. Edit your video spot to less
than 60 seconds without the voiceover and “but wait there’s more” graphic
overlays. Essentially, you’re looking to create a demo video.

If the potential customer liked your
infomercial, they are looking to share your video content easily! Upload a raw
video file to Facebook to benefit from their unique algorithm that prioritizes
video content. You don’t want to upload your exact infomercial spot because
Facebook fans won’t engage on a clearly labeled ad the same way they will with
a demonstration clip.

5. Keeps the excitement going with multiple
touchpoints and diverse content.

The Woof Washer 360’s demonstration went
viral on Facebook, reaching over 58 million views in its first week. They kept
the buzz alive by analyzing comments on their video, tapping into the type of
humor their fans were responding to and sharing a mix of dog memes and
informational tips on their social media.

Contributor: Stephanie Siewert, Social Media Strategist for Marketing Maven.