Beep. Tweet. You’ve Got Mail.

you have an email or participate in any kind of social media, you’ve probably
heard these notification sounds. Nevertheless, it seems that these sounds are
also making quite the noise on the big screen. Social media is something that
we have access to and have the ability to engage in 24/7, so naturally, movies,
you know, those things that are supposed to depict real life situations…well,
it looks like they’re getting really real. Here are some movies that have used
social media as the basic framework to depict real life and connect with the
audience on a more “social” level.  

You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail is a romantic Comedy that
played on the idea of online dating… before online dating was mainstream. The
movie is centered on the AOL log-in phrase, “you’ve got mail.” The characters played
by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan frequent their email inbox and ultimately fall in
love IRL (in real life) with one another through their online relationship.
Although communicating via online and mobile are common today, You’ve Got Mail was filmed in 1998 just
before the rise of social networks and popularized online dating and

The Social Network

The Social
is another internet based film. However, this
film focuses on the creation of Facebook, AKA the website your mom is always
tagging embarrassing pictures of you. The film depicts Harvard undergrad and
computer whiz Mark Zuckerberg and how he developed the widely popular social
network known as Facebook. Besides the unfortunate lawsuit, Zuckerberg should
feel lucky; he’s a billionaire and no one ever cared enough about Myspace to
make a film about Tom.

Project X

film Project X esentially abuses
Zuckerberg’s creation of Facebook when three high school seniors, Thomas, Costa
and JB decide to make a name for themselves before they graduate by throwing a
massive party. Fearing no one would show up, the guys create a public event on
Facebook. Quickly, word of the party spreads and of course, havoc ensues.      

Julie and Julia

film Julie and Julia takes a
different approach to the world of social media… by blogging about it. Julie is
about to hit 30, is unemployed and decides to cook her way through her problems
mastering Julia Child’s cookbook, “The Art of French Cooking” while also
creating a blog about it. The movie follows her on her journey of
self-discovery, her blog and of course, her over excessive use of butter.  


movie based on Facebook is Catfish
and before it was a creepy TV show, it was a creepy movie. The film follows
photographer Nev Shulman who builds a romantic relationship with a young woman
on Facebook, which eventually prompts him to meet her. Come to find out, the
woman is not who she says she is…SHOCKER! The film goes into detail about how
you can’t really trust everyone you encounter online. I mean, c’mon Nev, not every
online relationship can be like the one Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan shared!

far blogging, Facebook, and email have been the most popular forms of social
media to star in films. However, other forms of social media like Instagram,
Vine, and Twitter have become largely popular, yet no movies have used these
forms of social media to frame a movie around. Although films haven’t yet been
centered around other social networking platforms, TV shows, commercials, as
well as music videos feature or cameo social media celebrities. But I have a
feeling it is only a matter of time until we see Selfie: The Movie. Until then, you might want to go switch your
Facebook privacy settings to “private”.

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Contributor: Morgan Duda, Executive Assistant at Marketing Maven