For many
individuals, getting their content syndicated places high at the top of their
wish list. Whether it’s a column, a series of thought leadership pieces or
interactive media like a video or podcast, syndication still plays a big role
in maximizing exposure for individuals and organizations.

In many ways,
syndication is like creating your own personal re-run. It has an important role
in a complete content marketing strategy, and with targeted goals in place, it
can help to build awareness of your product or brand to a wider audience.

Here are our tips for getting your
content syndicated.

Know the industry: Many publications only accept fresh
pieces of work, including editorial protection and voice as a reason why.
Ensure you research the industry thoroughly before pitching your ideas to
publications. Draw up a target list of specific platforms you’d like to publish
on, researching their audience, types of content posted and if they accept work
that has originally been posted elsewhere.

Get blogging: Every writer or thought leader has
their own website either dedicated solely or in part to blogging. Helping to
present your unique voice and position yourself as an expert, blogging is an
effective way of creating content that can be syndicated. Platforms like Medium
are a great way to get started as well picking up what types of content are
most popular.

Explore unpaid options: Getting paid is great, but sometimes
the biggest opportunities come from doing things for free. The Huffington
Post’s blogger platform is unpaid, and many leading individuals regularly pen pieces
due to its prestige and large global audience. Be open-minded as an established
presence created through posting regular, engaging content could lead to paid
opportunities further down the line.

Rules and regulations: Don’t skip the small print. Read up on
the rules and regulations of any contract you’re looking to sign, ensuring that
you check who owns the content that will be published.  If sharing content that has been published on
another website, be sure that you have permission to republish and avoid any
potential pitfalls!

Be social: Share out your work on social media as
soon as it has been published, tagging publications and any individuals you
want to reach with your work. Try scheduling links to your work to target
different time zones and use hashtags like #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It!) to
maintain interest amongst your followers. Don’t be afraid to engage with
followers who comment on your work and ensure that all interaction is

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Contributor: Mari Escamilla, Director of Media Relations for Marketing Maven.