The power of a
photo is undeniable, and as social media’s most visual platform, Instagram is
the main destination for a beauty brand. Between 95-98% of beauty brands are
using Instagram, and with 300 million monthly individual users, the social media platform is one that
can’t afford to be ignored.

A mix of
selfies, collages and tip-driven posts, Instagram is an Aladdin’s cave for the
beauty fan. For brands, the platform provides an opportunity to tap into an
audience keen to know more and try out the latest beauty products.

If you are a beauty brand looking to
launch on Instagram or want to improve your posts, check out our tips on how the
platform can be used as a successful promotional tool.

Share content that informs: great content has a dual purpose- it
informs a follower and provides excitement at the same time. We all want
content that gives us ‘added value,’ and to be successful on Instagram, your
brand will need to produce posts that go the extra mile. Share product tips and
tricks with your followers, provide a behind the scenes insight into the
running of your brand and have fun with what you create. If a follower feels
engaged, they will be more likely to like and share your posts.

Engage with your fans: a brand’s followers are key to your
Instagram success. Repost fan photos that include products from the brand’s
range, and credit them in the post. Social influencers can really push the
brand’s reach, and inviting them to guest post is a great way to engage with
fans and tap into a new target audience. Work with fans cross-platform,
ensuring that content is consistent and most importantly, fun!

A fine balance: with Instagram enabling brands to
purchase sponsored posts, finding a balance between organic and paid content
needs to be considered. Direct response advertisements will allow brands to use
the ads for sales and account sign-ups, increasing their reach and ability for
followers to quickly purchase products that they’ve seen. Just don’t go
overboard with these paid posts – they could fast become a turn-off for your

Help from hashtags: use hashtags to produce a visually
branded campaign on Instagram, as well as encouraging followers to share their
love for a product. If you’re considering running an Instagram contest,
hashtags are a fantastic way to market your competition and collate the
entries. Inspire fans to show how they use a brand’s products through the use
of hashtags, creating a great tip-driven, organic community of users who want
to share their knowledge.

Global approach: with 70% of Instagram users located
outside of the United States, beauty brands need to capitalize on a larger
reach with a global content strategy. Setting up regional accounts is a great
approach, and many big beauty brands including Estee Lauder have used this
strategy to reach a worldwide audience. Create accounts for emerging or target
markets, with targeted and relevant content that will appeal to that geographic

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Contributor: Stephanie Siewert, Social Media Strategist for Marketing Maven.