Starbucks has
long dominated the coffee scene. But what some of you may be unaware of is Starbucks’
stellar direct response marketing campaigns. Not only are they fun and
interactive, but they evoke change and a sense of involvement in the evolution
that is socialization of coffee drinking. Sounds pretty cool huh? Well guess
what… YOU’RE a part of them! Here are 4 awesome direct response campaigns
Starbucks launched that allowed their customers to voice their opinion while
also creating brand reach and a sense of excitement for the company. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte Twitter Account

The Pumpkin Spice
Latte. A drink so popular it has it’s very own acronym: PSL. Over time, the
beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte has often signaled the beginning of Fall, but it
seems the PSL has been coming out earlier and earlier each year. Starbucks took
to Twitter to create a page for the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte to reveal
clues as to when the PSL might return. Making funny pop culture references and
responding to latte lovers around the world, the PSL adds a little SPICE to your
Twitter feed. Creating a Twitter page for one of their most popular drinks,
Starbucks is able to directly engage with their consumers and get them excited
about the revival of the PSL.  

White Cup Contest

Launched just
last year in 2014, Starbucks allowed coffee lovers to show their creative side.
Customers were urged to customize the classic white Starbucks cup and share
their design via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag
#WhiteCupContest. According to their website, Starbucks received 4,000 entries
within just three weeks of the contest starting! The winning design was to be
put on the limited edition Starbucks reusable cups. This contest generated a
lot of internet traffic and people all around the U.S. were submitting their
designs. This campaign allowed coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike to get
creative and gave Starbucks free advertising! Genius. 

Flav Off

This past
Summer, Starbucks launched the “Flav Off.” Creating 6 new
flavors, fans were encouraged to vote for the newest Starbucks frappuccino.
Voters had the choice of: Caramel Cocoa Cluster, Cinnamon Roll, Cotton Candy,
Cupcake, Lemon Bar and Red Velvet Cake. The drink choice of the flav off would
then be sold for $3. This campaign gave coffee lovers a chance to try something
new and a say in what they want all while Starbucks was able to boost their sales!

My Starbucks Idea Campaign

launched their “My Starbucks Idea” Campaign in 2008 and it is still going
strong. Allowing their customers to share on various social platforms like
Twitter, Instagram and on, Starbucks created an interactive approach to giving consumers what they want. According to the
Twitter page for My Starbucks Idea, Starbucks has launched over 300 ideas thus
far. Got any good ideas? Submit them here:

ability to change and take the customers opinions and concerns into
consideration is one of the many reasons Starbucks is at the top of the coffee
food chain. Direct response marketing has helped many companies like Starbucks
evolve and grow as their customers change. Knowing your consumer and keeping
them happy and coming back for more is the number one way to keep your company
going strong. So take it from Starbucks, know your customers, engage them
and be open to change! C’mon, drink the Kool Aide…or should I say latte?

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Contributor: Morgan Duda, Executive Assistant at Marketing Maven