Liking, retweeting,
favoriting, sharing… we all do it. But are you doing it the right way? Companies
are utilizing various forms of social media to reach the masses, which can be
extremely helpful in creating promos and contests to get consumers excited
about products. However, it is important to keep a few things in mind when
using social media for your business or company to get the most out of your

Use More Than
One Social Platform

There are so many
ways to reach your audience via social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,
Pinterest, to name a few. It is important to use more than one social platform
to get your message across. Because most people engage in more than one form of
social media daily, using multiple platforms will allow your message to reach your
primary and secondary demographics, thus creating a larger following and
hopefully a larger response rate.

Make Sure Your
Post Embodies the Two R’s: Relatable & Relevant

You can fine tune
your content to better serve the different forms of social media, but it is
also important that your post is something that your audience can connect with;
something that shows you understand them! First and foremost, your post must be
relevant. It should concentrate on something that is current and happening now,
not something that happened last week. Social media is 24/7, meaning there is
always new content arising. So give into the pop culture craze of the day and
create a post that will attract some buzz!  


Social media never
sleeps. Because it accessible at any moment, it is imperative that your post
create conversation. This conversation both engages your audience and allows
them to feel that their voice is really being heard while also giving your
company a voice online. Conversation also allows you and your business to see the
potential of a product and its relatability with your audience. If your post
isn’t getting very many likes or people aren’t making a statement about the
post, whether it be positive or negative, then you likely need to go back to
the drawing board… but don’t worry, you’ll get it right, just keep your
audience in mind.  Generating
conversation is the key to creating a following and establishing a strong
social media presence. People are more likely to trust their friends than a
company so as you create original, authentic content, think about how to build
that rapport with your consumers who want to engage with your brand online.

Know Your

What you post and
the platforms you post on can have many effects on your audience, but it is
your job to make sure the RIGHT message is being portrayed. The best way to do
this is to know your audience. Study the social media analytics and truly
analyze the content the insights are helping to dissect for you. Be sure to pay
close attention to your audience’s likes and dislikes as these can be key
indicators as to what they are looking for. This can help you to create the
best angle to attract your particular demographic.

Keep it Short
& Sweet

The longer your post
is, the less likely someone is to read it in its entirety. People engage in
social media very quickly only looking at things that take a few seconds to
read, process and understand. If your post in lengthy, there is a very good
change it will be skimmed over. Rather, keep it simple by using a few sentences
and buzz words or hashtags to involve your audience. The short, witty posts are
the ones that your audience will remember.

Create Action

A good post will
encourage its audience to do something. Whether that be taking a stand, buying
the product or just simply retweeting or reposting, it is essential that your
audience is engaged and getting involved. Be sure to either end your post with
a question or a call to action in order to gain a response, gain a following
and get people talking.

Posting a creative,
witty, thought provoking post that calls people to take action can be pretty
tough, but not impossible. Follow the above six steps to get the most out of
your post and the “likes” will come in waves! Happy posting 🙂 

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Contributor: Morgan Duda, Executive Assistant at Marketing Maven