already fall, Starbucks has brought back the infamous Pumpkin Spice Late and
the holiday season is right around the corner! But the holidays aren’t just a
time for warm drinks and sweaters, the holidays are also a good time to create
memorable campaigns that will leave your clients with warm hearts and a fuzzy
feeling towards your company. Here are seven tips for PR companies when it
comes to holiday pitching:

1.      Start early

is EVERYTHING! And you can never start too early! The holidays require a lot of
thought and planning. In order to create a well thought out pitch, it is
pertinent that you start thinking of the holidays at least three months in
advance. I know it sounds excessive, but trust me, you’ll be thankful you did
in the long run. As we get closer to the holidays, trade show season is in full
swing, company parties are being thrown, not to mention your own family parties
and gift buying are all on the to-do list! So, to keep the stress to a minim,
it is important to plan early! Your potential partner will be much happier with
a well thought out pitch and plan, rather than one that was scraped together at
2am in your hotel after attending a client dinner at a tradeshow. A well
calculated plan will not only leave other companies happy (not mention jealous),
but will also help your company to earn some major brownie points!

2.      Keep it Short and Sweet

I mentioned, the holidays are a crazy time; a lot is happening both at work and
at home and there is basically NO TIME for anything! In order to make an impact
on a potential partner or placement, keep the pitch short and sweet. Getting
your message across in a few sentences will have more of an impact than a three
page email. Being able to quickly read what you are pitching will generate a
larger response and reaction as they are able to understand and gauge their
interest in a matter of minutes. However, if they decline your pitch or don’t
get back to you, don’t take their reaction to heart. The holidays are an
overload of the senses and not everyone may be as prepared as you! 😉

3.      Relate to the Idea of Family Time

holidays are a time to enjoy the company of others, especially family, so play
on this! The reason we work 9-5, stay up endless hours and bend over backwards
is for the benefit of our family. Pitch with the idea of family in mind; things
to do with family, maybe it’s for your family or maybe it will make your day
easier so you can spend more time with your family! Regardless, relating to the
idea of family is a classic approach to pitching during the holidays.

4.      Evoke Nostalgia

crazy, the holidays surface many warm feelings and memories for most. Getting
in touch with these sentimental feelings can really help to develop a relatable
pitch. Try to get reacquainted with your inner child and share some good
memories that will elicit a positive response.

5.      Tradition

can either play on the side of classic traditions like pumpkins and Christmas
trees or you can even play on the side of creating a new tradition. Although
most people have their own traditions that they participate in every year, it
is always nice to switch it up and start new traditions. Pitch the idea of
creating new memories and all the fun benefits of new traditions!

6.      Treat Yourself

the holiday season, so many of us are on the go 24/7. Between work, family and
the maintenance of life, it’s always hard to find the time to treat ourselves.
Keep this in mind when you are pitching. The people you are pitching to are
just as busy, tired and stressed as you are! What would give you a little

7.      But Also Treat Others

is also important to remember that while we are stressing about gifts, work and
our own family, there are many people out there who have nothing. As a company,
it is your social responsibility to try and give back to those less fortunate.
Pitch on the idea of getting companies involved and teamed up to give back to
others in the community. Not only will you feel good, but the many who will
benefit will also appreciate the contribution of your company.

holidays come like a frantic storm of shopping bags, tissue paper and piles of
work. But following these seven tips will help you to improve your pitching
while making connections with potential partners and clients. The hustle and
bustle of the holidays is something we can all relate to so get out there,
Happy Pitching!

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Contributor: Morgan Duda, Executive Assistant at Marketing Maven