announced today the upcoming release of its new #GiveAShit smartphone app ahead
of World Toilet Day, November 19. The app lets anyone create their own custom poop
emojis, learn sanitation facts, and take a stand on behalf of the 2.3 billion
people today who live without access to a basic toilet.    

WaterAid’s new #GiveAShit app offers a way to take action on
World Toilet Day, a UN-recognized day aimed at breaking the silence around the
global sanitation crisis. In communities around the world, lack of proper
sanitation affects health, education, dignity, the environment and economic
opportunity—especially for women and girls.

App users can create their own customized poop emoji by
choosing from dozens of different shapes, colors, eyes, mouths, hairstyles, and
accessories. The more you share your poop emojis with your friends and social
networks, the more additional features become ‘unlocked’. Beyond sharing over
social networks, the emojis can be added to your phone’s keyboard to text to

Your custom poop can also be outfitted with accessories
related to global sanitation, such as a shiny new toilet, a roll of toilet
paper, a glass of clean drinking water, or an “I donated” pin. The app also
allows users to make a $10 donation to the cause simply by sending a text.

“The poop emoji is one of the most popular emoticons on the
market today, inspiring everything from pillows and wearable costumes, to
coffee mugs, stress balls and endless selfies. But for millions of people
around the world, poop is no laughing matter,” said WaterAid America CEO Sarina

“The fact that half a million children under the age of five
die each year from diarrheal diseases that could be prevented with a clean
toilet and good hygiene is not something that’s easy to talk about. But decent
toilets and good hygiene are a must if we want to break the cycle of poverty.
This World Toilet Day, we invite everyone to take a stand by sharing your
personalized poop emoji, and showing the world that you #GiveAShit about the
sanitation crisis.”

A wide range of entertainers, activists, YouTube celebrities
and Vine stars will join WaterAid in recognizing World Toilet Day by sharing
their personalized poop emojis. The campaign is being produced by creator
publishing agency The Pub, with support from Joystick Interactive, Collab LLC
and Julia Heffernan.