The accessibility of social
media has given us all a platform to share our opinions and provide a view into
our everyday lives.

Instagram, Pinterest and
YouTube are the most popular platforms for beauty fans, with a new generation
of influencers outranking mainstream celebrities in popularity and reach. A 2014 survey commissioned by Variety highlighted that YouTube stars are now
more popular than mainstream celebrities amongst US teenagers.

The boundaries of promoting a
beauty brand has changed, and working with social influencers is a vital factor
in the success of a modern marketing and public relations strategy.

With many tactics to
consider, why should you choose a social influencer? Our tips tell you all you
need to know.  

Audience growth: working with a beauty social influencer is a
successful way to target audience growth. High levels of engagement and traffic
are indicators that should be researched before collaboration, and the right
mix can create a large marketing ROI that increases your audience and reach. A
social influencer can help you reach the niche audience that you’ve been
dreaming of!

Trust and credibility: social influencers hold positions of
authority, a value that’s vital for the long-term success of a brand. Beauty
bloggers such as Wendy’s Look Book and Tanya Burr play a leading role in
shaping the message and ethos of beauty brands, generating trust and
credibility amongst their followers. A social influencer can help to shape your
brand as a trusted source, using word of mouth marketing and reviews to
position you and your products as a leader in the beauty market.

Creativity: including a social influencer in the development of a brand’s
marketing strategy is an important way to ensure creativity is at the heart of
the campaign. Looking at the content that the social influencer is known for,
work with them to develop creative, rich imagery, how to videos, DIY tips and
look inspiration. Ideas like these are in demand on platforms including
Instagram and YouTube.

Shape future campaigns: every campaign provides you with valuable
information. Monitor any collaborations with social influencers by using dedicated
URLs, customized codes and hashtags, using the data collected to shape future
campaigns. Even if your campaign was not a successful, the analytical
information will provide vital information about your audience and how you can
meet their future expectations.

Contributor: Lindsey Carnett, CEO of Marketing Maven

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