Technology continues to
transform the way we live, particularly dominating the way we shop for beauty

With nearly two thirds of Americans owning a smartphone, many household beauty
brands have been quick to capitalize on the power of apps to sell their products
and raise awareness to beauty-obsessed audiences.

Apps provide a seamless and
interactive shopping experience, enabling customers to find out more about their
favorite brands, experience their products and even virtually test out which
items would work best for them.

With beauty how-to guides,
styling advice and even the technology to schedule an appointment, apps are
making beauty a truly immersive experience for smartphone users across the

Natural beauty brands are
keen to make their mark in a rapidly growing industry. SkinDeep provide users with an in-depth database of chemicals that are
present in cosmetics, and spearheaded by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the Think
app enables users to scan
product barcodes to learn more about the ingredients used in the formulation

Creating a tailored and
intimate experience is a common theme across many of the most popular beauty
apps. Apps like Skin Better provide
a high-tech skin analysis service, creating a personalized skin profile for
users, and helping to minimize the risk from products that could pose a problem
for beauty fans. Similarly, many apps provide local, geo-targeted content,
searching out personalized beauty deals that are available in a user’s
location. Lifebooker is one
of the more popular apps, with Glamsquad making it simple for a user to book a hairstylist straight to
their front door.  

Other brands are keen to use
technology for the good of the industry. Favored by small cosmetic producers, Cosmetri helps businesses to understand complex EU
regulations that can hinder the formulation of their products. Launched in
February 2015, the app is available to access multi-platform and also provides
assistance to producers based in the natural and organic sectors.

With 43% of online shoppers visiting five or more beauty websites before
making their decision, beauty brands need to have a strong digital presence.
Beauty fans will continue to demand information at their fingertips, making
apps an effective method to educate and persuade consumers, capitalizing on
this growing market.

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 Contributor: Stephanie
Siewert, Social Media Strategist for Marketing Maven