Perhaps more exciting
than the game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers was the 60
advertisements that peppered the breaks in the Super Bowl 50.

Brands from
T-Mobile to Kia, FitBit to X all paid between $4.5-$5 million for a 30 second
ad spot and to reach an estimated 100 million viewers. It has been reported that 60 million people mentioned the
Super Bowl on Facebook during Sunday, with around 27 million tweets sent during
the game itself.

habits have moved on apace and are hardly recognisable from how we used to
watch the Super Bowl. With smartphones and tablets in hand, the Super Bowl 50
was truly a social media affair.

From tailored
hashtags to celebrity endorsements, here are the social media winners from the
Super Bowl 50.

Double platform domination: from amongst the 60 advertisers,
Twitter and Facebook were the most mentioned social media platforms. Surprisingly,
Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat were not mentioned, a move that perhaps
suggests an older target demographic for advertisers.

Tailored hashtags: big advertisers including T-Mobile
used tailored hashtags to increase brand awareness throughout the game. The
cell phone network used the hashtags #Ballogize and #YouGotCarriered to tell
viewers about their extended LTE coverage and contract terms, all with the help
of Drake and Steve Harvey.

Teasing the big releases: film fans headed to social media to
interact with trailers and preview clips of the big releases. The Jungle Book had a special advert
with links to Twitter, and additional footage available on Instagram. Independence Day Resurgence and X-Men Apocalypse encouraged film fans to
head to their respective Facebook pages for more information.

Celebrity stars: the endorsement and appearances of
big stars was a theme across many of the Super Bowl 50 ads. Amy Schumer, Ryan
Reynolds and Drake all made appearances, as did Helen Mirren for Budweiser. The
passing of music legend David Bowie was also referenced in an ad by Audi, with
his ‘Starman’ song receiving nearly 24,000 mentions on social media.

Most mentioned: Budweiser was the most mentioned
brand on Twitter, receiving more than 53 times the usual brand mentions over
the past month. Its widely shared sixty-second anti-drunk driving message
featuring Helen Mirren played a strong role in its high social media

Fortune reports that the big winners on social media
were Doritos and Esurance, with 140,040 and 221,319 tweets respectively.

Research from
Cision highlights that in the automotive category, Hyundai had the greatest
online share of voice at 29%, closely followed by Audi. And the big battle between
Mountain Dew and Coca Cola? Coca Cola was the champion, with a 37% online share
of voice.

If you’re a
sports fan or not, you’ll likely remember Super Bowl 50 for the entertainment,
advertisements and social media buzz that came with it!

Which Super Bowl 50 ads did you see
mentioned the most on social media? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter or

Contributor: Lindsey Carnett, CEO of Marketing