The skincare market is a thriving and saturated sector, with new products and line extensions launching on a regular basis. For those of us promoting skincare products, a proactive marketing mix must be used to make a brand and its products positively stand out in a crowded marketplace.

From the outset, marketers must identify the needs of their target customers and use this thread throughout the whole campaign. A key theme that can drive engagement and increase brand loyalty is vital in the race to engage the customer and encourage them to find out more about a product. Focusing on what makes a customer tick will help to sustain momentum before the product becomes available and manage demand when the launch has gone live.

So how can marketers and public relations professionals grab the attention of a customer and begin to build brand loyalty? Our top tips and techniques for promoting skincare explain how.

Incentives for pre-orders: how can you make customers feel extra special and keep them content when they’ve placed a pre-order? Focus on the value added benefits that you can provide, using incentives such as giveaways, events, free consultations and exclusive digital content to maintain interest and build brand loyalty.

Link to other areas: for natural and environmentally friendly skincare products, tapping into other health conscious sectors can be a PR positive. Consider linking to complementary areas such as wellbeing, exercise and healthy eating, collaborating with other brands that share your vision and can enable you to reach a wider audience.

Explain the ingredients: marketers have a wide range of tools at their disposal, and using digital techniques can be an effective way of promoting innovative ingredients that make a new skincare product different from others in the market. Popular social media platforms like Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram can all be used to create content that explains the benefits of a new skincare product, and how the ingredients can solve a customer’s problem.

Consistency: a strong, joined up communications approach across all forms of media is vital to the success of promoting a new skincare product. Use the same message throughout every form of communication, and explore the possibility of a dedicated microsite that can provide in depth product information, details about your brand and informative content to educate and entertain your customers.

Embrace new technology: social media platforms and apps release new features on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to embrace these as part of your marketing campaign, taking advantage of content like GIFs and user generated Instagram pictures to build popularity and demonstrate how your products are to be applied.

Build trust: how does the customer know that your brand and product line does what it says on the packaging? Use statistics, data and testimonials to build trust and position your brand, products and team as an expert in the skincare market.

Bloggers and social influencers: online influencers are key to the success of any modern day public relations campaign. Target top skincare and beauty bloggers and social media stars, providing samples of your product in exchange for a review or sponsored coverage. With teens and millennials spending more time online than ever before, the influencers they follow on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter have become their new trusted icons.

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